Camiceria Rossi was founded in 1964 in Sansepolcro, in the province of Arezzo. From the beginning the sartorial craftsmanship has been enriched with unique style and attitude in men’s clothing. The best fabrics, in the most elegant cuts designed by Mirco Rossi, are the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. The collections of Camiceria Rossi reflect what we are most passionate about: iconic garments, design objects, food and music: we love to dress our friends and customers, avoiding clichés.

MIRCO ROSSI is a designer who is always very busy: curious in finding styles and new stimuli. With the help of his team and his friends, he constantly reinvents the concept of tailored shirt. The evolution of classic men’s clothing passes through the urban interpretation, of great appeal for the new generations of enthusiasts.

ANTONELLO DONATI can be described as the opposite of Mirco in personality and character. In fact it is the right balance of a perfect creative duo. A great acumen in problem solving, a warm and elegant character who loves to build long-term relationships with his customers, Antonello translates Mirco’s ideas into reality, always with the satisfaction of those who buy a Rossi shirt in mind!

MAURO SOFFIA’ is the quintessence of the modern dandy: elegant by nature, he transfers his knowledge of fabrics and garments with a sparkling creativity that makes the collections of Camiceria Rossi even more intriguing. Never predictable colors and innovative solutions give that unique taste to our shirts.

ANGELO SINDACO can be considered a multitasking force of nature: marketing strategist, fashion photographer, art director, director, influencer … Which one of these? Probably all together. Angelo brings an international look to the image and communication of the Rossi Shirts through a fresh interpretation of men’s clothing.

SABRINA ROSSI certifies the absolute quality of each Rossi garment that is delivered by the company: sweet and decisive, she is very attentive to every detail, practically the essential ingredient for the success of the collections.

FRANCESCA TAVERNELLI head of the production department who does not disdain to make his sartorial qualities available: thanks to his skilled and precise hands, the wearability of Rossi shirts is simply irresistible. And he’s always smiling too!

GIUSEPPE CAPUOZZO is the man who, by taking care of the cut, transforms the precious fabrics into our creations. A sartorial background that comes from the most important school in the world: Naples. Great football fan (we warned you).

SARA GALLETTI has a very delicate task: to cut and sew cuffs and necks to the shirt. Every shape, every detail are crucial and distinctive points for Rossi shirts. The perfect mix of sartorial heritage and modern vision.

GLORIA DIONIGI is the person in charge of the tailor-made service. Every idea becomes reality thanks to her skilled hands. There is no impossible project, creativity has no limits. Gloria can give the satisfaction of a personalized garment that always stands out!