Every Rossi shirt is “made to measure” and combines the value of a wide selection of fabrics from the best Italian manufacturers with custom-tailoring at our workshop in Sansepolcro, Tuscany.
Today still, each dress shirt is rst drawn on fabric, then hand-cut through a genuine tailoring technique which involves handling every adjustment respecting not only the volume of the part involved, but also and especially the anatomical features of each person.
The hem gusset, cut in the same fabric as the shirt body and hand-ironed, the single-needle side closure and the full at machine sewing guarantee the premium quality of our 100 percent made-in-Tuscany garments.
The rich selection of collars and cuffs, buttons of all shapes, thicknesses and colours, as well as the embroidered monogram option, allow to fully customize and to make every “tailor-made” Rossi shirt unique.

Contact our Tailor, Antonello Donati for your bespoke shirt: anto.miros@gmail.com


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