Camiceria Rossi collections reflect our lifestyle: a team of people who feel like a band. We spend and enjoy time together: down the atelier, on a bike through the quiet streets of Tuscany, at dinner with our old and new friends. Here’s a gallery of our beloved crew. Join the Rossi band!

ALFREDO works as export manager in a big company. Passionate about techno music and a good venue, he also loves to visit exotic spots and scuba diving. Alfredo likes to stand among the rest dressing as he likes.

DAVID is a young and tough crossfitter. Calm and introspective, he transforms himself into an diehard athlete at the gym. David has a strong personal idea about dressing up and feel comfortable with himself and we like him too.

GIACOMO owns an hotel and can tell you lots of stories about the thousand of customers who stopped by. With his long hair and look you could think of Giacomo as a surfer rockstar, which maybe is in the free time.

NICOLO’ is a crazy guy. Period. He can ride almost everything with two wheels and win the race. A professional bike mechanic, Nicolò loves competition at any level, living for the challenge. Sporty but smart, he loves to wear bright colors.

LORENZO can be considered a sneakers addicted. A streetwear enthusiast since a little kid, he likes to blend the american influences into his personal Italian taste. The result is incredible. Lorenzo also pimped his own scooter to look more “classy”. Did we forget to say he’s only 19?

YU owns a restaurant in Umbria, the very heart of Italy. He consider himself a control-freak and he’s mad about details. His idea of perfect dinner is a plate of fresh oysters and a glass of champagne. Yu loves to wear a formal suit with a colored shirt that reminds him of summer.

FILIPPO is a young pro rugby player. Practicing every day, focused on new schemes and strategies, you can’t hold down Filippo easily. Being also a student, he has not so much free time but during his day-offs he likes to wear fancy clothes and hang out with his team friends.

LUCA has a beautiful shop in Rezzonico, near Como – nothern Italy. Everything reflects his charisma and love for a smart and yet creative menswear. That’s why he’s an important member of the Rossi Band! Visit Luca at his fancy boutique Area 2 and maybe have a sip of his favourite whiskies (his other great passion).

MICHELE loves wine and transformed his passion in a proper job. In his wine bar you can sip excellent “bianco” or “rosso” paired with meety slices of prosciutto made by his family. Michele is truly proud about his roots and he brings all his experience to his beloved costumers every day. Yummy!

GABRIELE is a young poet and writer. Also interested in science, you can consider him as a Renaissance teenager. Smart and wise, Gabriele seems older than his 19 years. He likes simple, plain garments rich of details. Oh, and his scooter too!

GIACOMO, Filippo’s twin, is a rugby player too. He shares the same passions and love for this noble sport where fairplay and friendship are more than important. Giacomo keeps you comfortable with a warm smile even if he doesn’t speak so much. He likes to wear smart comfy clothes.